Facts Individuals Should Know About The Efficient Maintenance Of Wooden Windows

Here is a helpful article on taking care of wooden windows in your log cabin. Some log cabin kits come with wood-framed windows and those can take a bit of care as this article details. I hope this helps!
—  Jim

By Guest Author: Chris Caldwell
Sash windows and wooden casement quite often get prone to degenerative action in process… Continue reading

What Ingredients Can I Include In Wild Bird Food?

Don’t neglect your feather friends when you are at your log cabin! This guest article may give you some ideas on fun things you can do while taking care of the birds around your log cabin. Have fun!
— Jim

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When looking to buy organic wild bird food, there are several places to find this type… Continue reading

Just a Few of the Many Uses of Log Cabins

This guest article discusses some of the wide variety of uses that can be had with a log cabin. I hope you enjoy it and get some ideas of your own.
— Jim

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Imaginative minds need some restful place to fulfill their hopes and dreams. A good example of such an optimal location to put… Continue reading

Log Cabins – Nature’s Very Own Way of Giving You a Home

Juan’s article points out the “big picture” of building a log home whether a do-it-yourself kit or built by a contractor. I like his title with the philosophy that nature gives us log homes! I hope you enjoy his thoughts.
— Jim

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Do you know that woods have a million paybacks to bid? Forests are… Continue reading

Things To Think About When Choosing Cabinet Knobs And Pulls

Here’s a good guest article to help you in picking cabinet knobs and pulls for your log cabin. When we went to replace our kitchen knobs, I had no idea we had so many of them to replace! Roxie mentions using back plates too. These are handy if the holes from the old cabinet knobs don’t line up with the… Continue reading