Is a Wood Floor in a Log Cabin a D.I.Y Project?

Wood FlooringWhile we were building our DIY log cabin, I was having problems deciding what to do for the wood flooring. Because it seemed like a monumental amount of back-breaking work, we opted to hire a flooring contractor to take care of it. We called three flooring contractors for bids. One never called us back. Another called back but didn’t show… Continue reading

How to Protect Garden Furniture Legs From Standing Water

Here is a good guest article on protecting your yard and garden log furniture. Which reminds me that I need to clean up my wood swing at our log cabin and then put a waterproofing on it. Enjoy Michelle’s informative article!
– Jim

Garden furniture, such as a wooden bench or a swing, is always out in the elements. This… Continue reading

Chinking and Caulking a Log Cabin

Chinking is the filler between logs in a log home. It used to be a light gray color that contrasted nicely with the logs, but now you can get chinking in a variety of colors to blend with the color of your logs. Many modern log homes don’t need chinking because they are built with a tongue and groove  or… Continue reading

Do-It-Yourself Log Cabin Kit Ideas

Our thanks to Log Cabins South West for this article

Just like Jim & Cindy, many people dream of building their own log cabin. Cabins have become very popular in recent years. As property prices increase and people are more environmentally aware, log cabins have become a great choice for home and building construction.

When using a kit, log cabins… Continue reading

Be Your Own Kitchen Remodel Planner

When planning or remodeling your log cabins’ kitchen, there are some sequences that will help. This guest article spells out some of those steps. You can also visit the article I found on planning your kitchen knobs and pulls. I hope it helps!
— Jim

by guest author, Carmela Burgess.

It is not hard to reason out why the… Continue reading

Great Masterpieces Built Using The Shed Plans

by guest author, Brooke Carver.

Most home owners today are having problems when it comes to finding adequate storage space at home. There is no need to get worried or agitated, building a storage structure is the solution you need. Shape, size and space are certainly areas that do not have a limit when it comes to the available shed… Continue reading

Log Cabin Kits vs. a “Real” Log Cabin


There are plenty of opposing opinions in the discussion on do-it-yourself log cabin kits vs building a log cabin from scratch.  When we first started exploring our options, I thought the only way to build a log cabin was to get a bunch of somewhat similar-sized logs and a chainsaw and try to make them fit together. It seemed… Continue reading

A Home Office In Your Log Cabin

[ad#ad-box]A log home's home officeIf you work from home and want your clients to take you and your business seriously, gathering around on logs in the back yard isn’t very professional. However, just because you need an office doesn’t mean it must be formal and stuffy.

If you are like me and feel more comfortable and focused in natural surroundings, establishing a rustic… Continue reading