Is a Wood Floor in a Log Cabin a D.I.Y Project?

Wood FlooringWhile we were building our DIY log cabin, I was having problems deciding what to do for the wood flooring. Because it seemed like a monumental amount of back-breaking work, we opted to hire a flooring contractor to take care of it. We called three flooring contractors for bids. One never called us back. Another called back but didn’t show… Continue reading

Be Your Own Kitchen Remodel Planner

When planning or remodeling your log cabins’ kitchen, there are some sequences that will help. This guest article spells out some of those steps. You can also visit the article I found on planning your kitchen knobs and pulls. I hope it helps!
— Jim

by guest author, Carmela Burgess.

It is not hard to reason out why the… Continue reading

Great Masterpieces Built Using The Shed Plans

by guest author, Brooke Carver.

Most home owners today are having problems when it comes to finding adequate storage space at home. There is no need to get worried or agitated, building a storage structure is the solution you need. Shape, size and space are certainly areas that do not have a limit when it comes to the available shed… Continue reading