Log Cabin Videos

Here is a list of some log cabin kit videos you might find interesting:

Here is a nice video from Vermont that is a half hour long showing the process of building a log cabin from a kit. This starts at the point of getting the logs delivered and unloaded through the process of building the shell.
This is a cool video with timelapse photography of a log cabin being erected by Satterwhite Log Homes.
A Do-it-yourself video on log tools from Mother Earth News magazine.
If you are buying a log cabin from a DIY kit, your logs will likely be pre-notched. But here is a video of how the notching process is done by a skilled chain saw user.
Here’s a nice but brief look at the construction steps for do-it-yourselfers interested in building a log cabin from a kit. This video is by Coventry Log Homes
If you are building a log cabin, you probably have a chain saw and know some basics for using it. I ran across this video and thought I’d share it. It has some good tips on felling trees whether used for a log cabin or even to make log furniture or log rails and such.

If you want to build a do-it-yourself log cabin, here is a nice 10 part video/slideshow series
someone put together of the process involved.

The rest of the ten part series are below.

You can click the [ ] icon on those to make them full screen if desired.

Video #2

Video #3

Video #4

Video #5

Video #6

Video #7

Video #8

Video #9

Video #10

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