What does a log cabin kit company need?

A log cabin company will ask you some background questions and match your needs and wants with the product(s) that are best suited to help you. Pick the best of the many companies out there and save you hours of research and worry.

How much does it cost to get quotes from log home companies?

It shouldn”t cost you anything for their quotes. You want to get the best, most competitive prices and log cabin companies want your business!

What if I like a different log company than the one I’ve been talking with?

Naturally some of this depends on whether you’ve made any type of agreements with your other log company. If not, you are free to take the information you have so far and see what another company can do. Remember, you are the customer and you can shop for the best opportunity.

Of course if you aren’t getting your needs met by a company remember that you are the customer! Expect good service or keep looking!

I already have some plans for a log home that I like. Can I use them?

Certainly. Most log home companies are happy to review any plans you have whether on fancy drafting paper or even on the back of a paper napkin. If  you are using plans from another source, be sure to make that clear so you and your new log home company can modify them to meet your needs and to avoid getting into any copyright issues from the original creator.

I don’t have a piece of land for my log home yet. Is that a problem?

Not at all. You need to start somewhere. If you have a general idea of the location such as the town or even just the state, that will help. Many
log home companies like to work with you in the early planning stages. They can help you by walking some potential sites and show you some pluses and minuses that you may not have considered.

So whether you’re just beginning or have your site plans and blueprints ready, there are log home companies ready to work with you to make your dream a reality!

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