Picking Out a Log Cabin

Display Homes Can Be A Helpful Notion When Designing Your Ideal Dwelling

Here is a guest article with a good idea for your dream log cabin. When you are planning and gathering ideas, try to find some model log homes you can tour.

When we were looking for ideas, one thing we liked was the kitchen tucked under a loft next to the great room.

But after seeing it in a model home, we realized we didn’t like the closed low-ceiling feeling we got from it. We were able to plan our log home with the higher ceiling kitchen the way we wanted it.

So enjoy Martin’s article with its good suggestion on visiting model homes.
— Jim

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Small Log Cabins

We had someone ask what a good size would be for a log cabin. They were feeling their idea of a cozy log cabin would be too small. I’m never sure what a “small log cabin” means. When we started building our log cabin, we looked through log home magazines to get ideas. Our blueprints had our log cabin as… Continue reading

Tips In Searching For Log Cabins For Sale

This article by a Michigan-based guest author discusses some benefits of a log cabin in the northern woods. Enjoy it!
— Jim
by guest author, Chloe Gib
Taking a look at the selection of several log cabins for sale in Michigan indicates your interest in the countryside living style. It also means that you are considering the idea of having… Continue reading

Build a Rustic Log Cabin On a Limited Budget

Here is a guest article about everyone’s dream — building a rustic cabin in the woods! And I don’t just mean a Lincoln Log cabin kit (that can be fun too!!). Some good tips to consider. Enjoy it!
— Jim

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Buying a Log Cabin

[ad#ad-box]There are many things to look for in buying a regular home. There are some unique things to watch out for when looking for your dream log cabin. Here are some tips to consider when looking at buying an existing log cabin.

First, check the entire structure to make sure there is no soft or rotted wood. Check all… Continue reading

Do-It-Yourself Log Cabin Kit Ideas

Our thanks to Log Cabins South West for this article

Just like Jim & Cindy, many people dream of building their own log cabin. Cabins have become very popular in recent years. As property prices increase and people are more environmentally aware, log cabins have become a great choice for home and building construction.

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Log Cabin Kits vs. a “Real” Log Cabin


There are plenty of opposing opinions in the discussion on do-it-yourself log cabin kits vs building a log cabin from scratch.  When we first started exploring our options, I thought the only way to build a log cabin was to get a bunch of somewhat similar-sized logs and a chainsaw and try to make them fit together. It seemed… Continue reading

Round Log Walls or Flat?

[ad#ad-box]When we were making lots of decisions before starting our log home, the builder asked us if we were going to have round log walls or flat log walls. We just assumed we would have round log walls and were surprised by the question.

“You can’t have a log cabin with square logs”,  was the from-the-gut response. The builder reminded… Continue reading