Our Log Cabin Journal

01) Our Log Cabin Journal

[ad#ad-box]We are going to share our journey from start to finish in turning our do-it-yourself log home kit into a log cabin of our dreams. We hope you enjoy our adventure and find it helpful in your own journey.

Our journey started unexpectedly with a home show in the year 1997.  As we walked up and down the aisles we… Continue reading

02) Planning Our Log Home

[ad#ad-box]Once we got the land (see “In The Beginning”), we dug out the wrinkled picture of the do-it-yourself  log cabin kit we had picked up at the home show a while back and started discussing the possibility of building a log cabin on the lake-front land.  As an American there’s something homey and comforting about a log cabin. … Continue reading

03) Fighting Town Hall For Our Log Cabin

[ad#ad-box]Before we even bought the land, I visited the First Selectman for the town (similar to Mayor in other towns). She warmly welcomed me and seemed genuinely welcoming to have us as new citizens of the town. She welcomed me to stop in anytime if I needed anything. Very much a smooth politician but nice as well.

Log Cabin LandWhen we decided… Continue reading