Living In a Log Cabin

How to Efficiently Heat a Log Cabin

Written by Tim Smith

Efficiently heating a log cabin can be done successfully by a variety of methods, most of which work best when installed during the preliminary construction stage. Some log cabin heating sources have greater operating and installation costs than others. Log cabins can be heated… Continue reading

Just a Few of the Many Uses of Log Cabins

This guest article discusses some of the wide variety of uses that can be had with a log cabin. I hope you enjoy it and get some ideas of your own.
— Jim

[ad#ad-box]by Guest Author: Margot Liu

Imaginative minds need some restful place to fulfill their hopes and dreams. A good example of such an optimal location to put… Continue reading

Log Cabins – Nature’s Very Own Way of Giving You a Home

Juan’s article points out the “big picture” of building a log home whether a do-it-yourself kit or built by a contractor. I like his title with the philosophy that nature gives us log homes! I hope you enjoy his thoughts.
— Jim

[ad#ad-box]By guest contributor, Juan Harper.
Do you know that woods have a million paybacks to bid? Forests are… Continue reading

A Home Office In Your Log Cabin

[ad#ad-box]A log home's home officeIf you work from home and want your clients to take you and your business seriously, gathering around on logs in the back yard isn’t very professional. However, just because you need an office doesn’t mean it must be formal and stuffy.

If you are like me and feel more comfortable and focused in natural surroundings, establishing a rustic… Continue reading

Log Cabin Wintertime Holidays

[ad#ad-box]Snowy Holiday Log Home SceneThere is nothing more comforting than being in a log cabin in front of a roaring fire with holiday decorations all around us. Whether it is Christmas, Thanksgiving, (our two favorite winter holiday times), or Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or others, celebrating in a log cabin has to be the best way to enjoy it.

The smell of a log cabin… Continue reading

Our Log Cabin Kitchen

[ad#ad-box]When we started creating the layout for our log cabin kitchen, we sat and discussed what was important to us. As a former chef, I wanted propane gas range. I like the control I have plus if the power goes out for an extended period of time at least we can cook on the stovetop. We opted not to have… Continue reading

When Power Goes Out in a Log Cabin

[ad#ad-box]We live in Connecticut where a fluke October snow storm took out many of the power lines across the state. Fortunately we have a generator for just such occasions. This was the first time we had to use it more than a few hours.

When the power went out, I dragged our heavy generator out the basement door and onto… Continue reading

A Log Cabin’s Deck

[ad#ad-box]While we built our log cabin, we dreamed of the day when we could sit out on the deck and sip our morning coffee or our evening glass of wine. Now that the construction is done, I can’t imagine what a log cabin would be like without a deck of some sort. Even a gazebo would give the ability to… Continue reading