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How to Protect Garden Furniture Legs From Standing Water

Here is a good guest article on protecting your yard and garden log furniture. Which reminds me that I need to clean up my wood swing at our log cabin and then put a waterproofing on it. Enjoy Michelle’s informative article!
– Jim

Garden furniture, such as a wooden bench or a swing, is always out in the elements. This… Continue reading

Things You Need To Consider When Buying A Houseboat

If you have your log cabin on a lake (you lucky rascal!), then it is time to start saving for that pontoon boat or even a houseboat. Here’s an article by a guest author to give you something to dream about that caught my eye! A hot tub in a house boat? Wow!


Luxury on the Murray

If… Continue reading

What Ingredients Can I Include In Wild Bird Food?

Don’t neglect your feather friends when you are at your log cabin! This guest article may give you some ideas on fun things you can do while taking care of the birds around your log cabin. Have fun!
— Jim

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When looking to buy organic wild bird food, there are several places to find this type… Continue reading

Constructing New Wood Shed Plans

Here is a guest article to think about. You can even get log siding to cover the shed with so it matches your DIY log cabin!
— Jim

by guest author, Guy Cinder.


Those planning on constructing sheds, have to come up with some different Wood Shed Plans. This will help them in doing the actual work, as well… Continue reading

Great Masterpieces Built Using The Shed Plans

by guest author, Brooke Carver.

Most home owners today are having problems when it comes to finding adequate storage space at home. There is no need to get worried or agitated, building a storage structure is the solution you need. Shape, size and space are certainly areas that do not have a limit when it comes to the available shed… Continue reading

Shade Seed for a Lush Green Lawn

by guest author: Barbra Bakker

This article provides advice on the best type of grass seed for growing in shady conditions. Putting in a lawn is a big investment, so it makes sense to do some research to find out which grass seed will be most successful in your growing conditions. [ad#ad-box]

The first consideration is your climate. If you’re… Continue reading