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For years we dreamed of owning a log cabin. We knew it was a big dream and just figured it likely would never come about. We had heard about do-it-yourself log cabin kits but the whole idea seemed too far fetched for us to consider. Then one day we were driving around our state of Connecticut looking at land and found a perfect piece of land right on a lake with a “For Sale” sign on it. The land was being used as an impromptu dumping ground. It was covered with snow and the only structures were a fireplace and an outhouse.

When we saw it, we looked beyond all that. We knew that land had to have a log cabin on it — nothing less would suffice. With some haggling over price, we suddenly discovered our dream was becoming a reality. It was exhilarating and scary all at once.

After years of hard work and juggling our finances, we have our dream — a log cabin on a lake! We decided to share some of our lessons learned and pass along that feeling that we got the first morning that we were able to sit on the deck and sip our morning coffee while the mist gradually floated across the lake.

Log cabin kit arrives on a truck - time to build a cabinWhether you already have a log cabin and would like to share some of your comments with us or are in the beginning stages full of dreams, uncertainty, and questions, we welcome you to enjoy our log home website.

What are your dreams and what stage are you in fulfilling those dreams? We’d love to have you share them below.

Jim & Cindy

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