Wireless Alarm System For Your Log Cabin

With an increase in log cabin break-ins, security becomes a priority for many of us.  Even if you can replace stuff that was taken, it can be a pain to deal with. So rather than concerning yourself with these concerns, it can give you peace of mind to install a security system in your log home or cabin. There are numerous options and features available. Generally you can get a do-it-yourself log cabin kit alarm system or have a reliable alarm company install it. You can either have the system call or page you, call in to a off-site monitoring service, or have it sound a peircing loud alarm — or you can get a combination of these alerts.

Wireless Log Cabin Protection

The most convenient alarm to install in a log home is the wireless type.  Since you don’t need to drill holes in your log walls to you can secure your home  without disfiguring it. For the most part this can be a do-it-yourself  project although some companies will give a low price (or possibly free!) if you plan on using their service. Wireless alarm systems operate with radio waves sending and receiving signals. Sensors are distributed throughout your house, and a central panel receives signals and keeps an eye on activities when activated.

Here are components to make a wireless security system work in your log home:

The Log Cabin’s Control Panel

Think of this as the brain of the security system. You should have it installed in a secured place such as in your closet or the basement. It listens to the signals that are sent by the motion sensors. When a suspicious activity is detected, it sounds a piercing alarm and good ones are monitored by police or a security office to get help.

The Keypad

The keypad activates or deactivates the system. It uses the confidential security code or multiple codes that have been programmed into it. It should be lighted so it can be used easily after dark. Most have a one-touch setting so it is easily armed

Magnetic Contacts

The contacts are installed in doors and windows and other points of entry in the house where a burglar could possibly gain access. When the keypad is activated, the magnet detects a break in any of the zones. If that contact is opened, the alarm is triggered.

Motion Detectors

A wireless system also uses motion sensors which detect any movement in their scanned region. When no one is home and these sense motion, the alarm is triggered. These detectors are usually put in spots where outside pedestrians and such would not give a false reading. They are generally set to spot movement above the level that a family dog or cat would trigger them. If you have a cat who jumps up on furniture, make sure the motion detectors you use are only triggered with larger mass objects so they don’t go off when the cat is exploring!


Some burglar alarm system companies will give away the equipment and even do an installation for free if you subscribe with their monitoring service. It won’t hurt to get prices for both companies who give free installations (which is actually not free but built into the ongoing service!),  as well as ones who do installations but allow you to shop for monitoring service one ones that do not use a monitoring service.

Your log cabin may be a magnet to folks that you do not want to be checking it out. With a wireless burglar alarm system in your log cabin, you have the peace of mind knowing your family is save from intrusions.

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